PSA: Downy Is Not a Detergent

Something they do not teach you in high school is that Downy is not a detergent brand. I used to have confidence in my ability to adult until realizing that I had been washing all my dirty clothes with fabric softener for over a month. Do not fret, I went out and bought real detergent, but might I just add, a little addition of some downy and my clothes have never been as soft. What may feel like common sense is often a giant revelation for someone else. Below are 6 ways to improve your ability to adult.  

Image source: Pexels

1. Learn how to handle the basics

If someone has picked up after you your entire life it is time to invest in some basic necessities. Take a trip down the household supply aisle and stock up on all-purpose cleaner, a broom, dish soap, and laundry detergent (double check it is not fabric softener).  

2. Start thinking about your resume 

If you never had a chance to start drafting your resume in high school, this is the perfect time to start. Make sure to get involved in college so that you can start removing high school extracurriculars over time. Find organizations that you genuinely enjoy putting time towards, adding it to your resume should just the cherry on top.  

3. Learn how to make your own appointments 

Make sure to have all the information necessary to make the appointment in front of you, such as your insurance card or driver’s license. Whether it be the doctor’s or an advising appointment, always set a reminder with the date and time of your rendezvous to ensure you do not forget. 

4. Start good habits now 

That generous metabolism will not last forever. Our bad habits haunt us down the line. Learn what it means to indulge in moderation. Lastly, there is no need to sign up for a marathon anytime soon, but it’s a good idea that those gym shoes make an appearance at least a couple times a week. 

5. Find staple items to help simplify your life

Cooking and cleaning up three times a day becomes a nuance really quickly. Meal prep is always a good way to save time. Furthermore, try finding meals that maximize yumminess and take minimal effort to make. Keep emergency snacks such as a bar in your backpack for those days you lose track of time at the library.

6. Stop living vicariously through your phone screen, and start living your own life

We build such a vibrant and exciting life online and practically forget to do the same outside our phones. Unfortunately, for most of us, Instagram likes do not pay rent. So start thinking about the ways you want to make the thing that does. 

Image source: Pexels

At first the responsibilities that come with adulting feel intimidating. However, once you get the hang of it, there is something liberating about being self-sufficient. If it feels like you have no idea what you are doing, the reality is that we are all just winging it. Even those who seem to have their entire life together probably at some point used fabric softener instead of detergent.