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The Power of Passion: How to Harness Your Creativity

I spent many years wondering what my “passion” was. You hear influencers and musicians throw around the word as if it’s something we should just know about ourselves. But it’s not that simple. It takes many of us going through hardships, achieving goals, or experience changes in order to discover our passion(s). Yet, as I used to often wonder, are there things that we can do in order to get in touch with our passion? Well in some ways, yes. There are concrete actions every single one of us can take in the pursuit of finding what causes our minds to light up with intrigue and interest. 

Laura Sheaffer running
Laura Sheaffer

When our minds feel this sensation of energized focus, we are in a state of flow. Obtaining a state of flow varies from person to person based on their interests and talents, and the way in which we become immersed in a flow state is what many of us typically refer to as an individual’s “passion”. Furthermore, obtaining a flow state is closely related to creativity. Our passions are often defined by what we find excitement and enjoyment in creating. Humans are innately creative beings, and there is no wonder why so many of us seek to discover our “passion(s)”- we are ready to get to work! However, there are many things that can get in the way of us harnessing our passions and exercising our creativity. Here are some considerations to remember on your search for your purpose and passion:

#1 Get to Know Yourself

This may sound ambiguous and confusing, many of us respond to this notion with “Get to Know Myself? I know who I am, I’m me!” Yet it is not that simple. We are incredibly complex beings, and it can take extensive introspection in order to get in tuned with our personalities, core values, dreams, likes, and dislikes. Take time to note these things about yourself, it allows you to create a positive narrative that fuels you toward where your passion may be. 

#2 Don’t Let Other People Define You 

We spend our entire lives being exposed to the opinions of other people. It sometimes feels natural to internalize and adopt the characteristics of what others think of us. Yet, by adhering to what others expect of us, we are left living a life that feels unfulfilling, dull, and unauthentic. Instead, utilize the opinions of others as a basis to get to know yourself better- what resonates with you? What doesn’t? 

#3 Don’t Let Other People Confine You 

Just like what other people think of us can prevent us from being our authentic self, what other people think we should be can hinder our ability to understand who we really are. When we believe in the limitations that others set, we are left in a box that restricts our ability to discover our true passions. We are often told that fantasizing sets us up for disappointment, but when we stop fantasizing about the life we want, we lose the fuel that pushes us towards a potentially better, more thrilling version of our present lives. 

#4 Try New Things

In order to grow, we must learn to go outside our comfort zones. If you are not willing to try new things, you are restricting your exposure to what may give you immense passion, interest, and love in the future. It is important to be open-minded and actively seek activities, people, and places that you are not used to. Your passion may lie where you have not yet gone or what you have not yet tried. 

#5 Don’t Doubt Yourself 

When you don’t believe in yourself, it is extremely difficult to pursue your goals and dreams. Self-doubt is natural, but when you begin to feel it stopping you from doing what you want to do or being who you want to be, think of your strengths and all the reasons why you can tackle whatever lies in between you and what you love to do. We often manufacture an abundance of reasons for why we are not capable of doing what we truly love to do; finances, social expectations, and so on. But as soon as you begin to look at these things as challenges you can overcome, rather than unmovable walls, you bring yourself one step closer to living a life of passion (rather than just “getting by”). 

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Freshh Connection

It is important to remember that these tips can aid in the process towards discovering your passion, yet they are just as valuable when our passion for something is beginning to grow and deepen. Being passionate about something comes in many different forms, it is not always a golden key that we simply stumble upon as we go about our lives. It is often something we must work towards, but it is about finding something you want to work towards. Passion is powerful, and we all deserve something to pour our innate creative abilities into. 

Hey there! :) I'm Ava (B.A. Communication + Psychology from UC Davis). I am a writer, intuitive eating activist and have a strong passion for body acceptance and self-love. I believe in utilizing research to share the message on what it TRULY means to be happy and healthy!
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