Planners: A College Student’s Best Friend

The life of a college student can be rough. Most of the time, we don’t even know what’s going on. Between deadlines, classes, and club meetings, we are scattered all over the place and just trying to get by. Planners are a tool that has proven to be helpful for students. I didn’t realize exactly how important planners were until I got to college and had so much on my plate. Memorization just wasn’t going to cut it. Planners have been such a good way to keep track of not only important dates but also the things I have to do within a day. Here are the reasons why I love planners and why you should consider getting one as a college student:

1. You Can Plan Out Your the Hour!

I don’t personally do this all the time but my housemate does. In her planner, she writes out her entire day by the hour and attaches what she needs to complete within that time frame. It’s a good visual tool to see the workload you have for that day as well as set goals for yourself to keep yourself on track, whether it be for academics or general life. 

2. Everything You Need to Know is in One Place 

Having a planner makes a person more organized, especially if they aren’t a naturally organized person. Everything that you need to know is in one place. All your assignments and due dates and zoom meetings can be found in your planner; you don’t have to rely on multiple sticky notes or memorization.

Planner, Open, Pens, Tombow, Weekly, Spread rayedigitaldesigns / Pixabay

3. It’s Completely Customizable 

Planners are so fun because they’re a physical representation of how your brain works. It shows what you do to stay productive and engaged. Personally, I like to color-code my planner based on what holiday is coming up and write myself motivational quotes. It’s my way of engaging myself in my work by looking at pretty colors and getting excited for the holidays. The quotes are particularly helpful for me, as I do better with positive reinforcement. You can also customize your planner by writing down what tasks you have to complete by certain deadlines. You can doodle on your planner or keep it clean. It’s up to you! 

4. They Can Be a Social Thing

If you have a planner and use it often, you may begin to notice people who also have planners to manage their everyday life. It can then become a conversation topic! Next thing you know, you can form a network of people with whom you can share tips for the ultimate planner usage.

5. It’s There for You All the Time 

Just like a pet, your planner is there for you all the time. It has seen all of your good days and your bad days. Your planner has helped you overcome the toughest of days and made you look forward to the happiest of days. It’s your stationary best friend who never judges you!  close up of desk with laptop, books, papers and coffee mug Photo by Daria Obymaha from Pexels