Perks of Living at Home in College

Since a lot of young adults see college as an opportunity to go far from home and embrace their newfound independence, I can understand why it can be a weird concept for my peers to accept when they realize I live at home with my family. Sure, it does have its fair share of drawbacks, like not being able to learn how to really "adult" at the same rate as my friends living by themselves. And yes, I was rather reluctant to accept to idea of living at home during college at first, but the unexpected perks that had risen from this experience has made me grateful for my living situation. Here are just a few silver linings I have uncovered so far:

1. The food

Home-cooked meals rise above all else. Plus, you save time from food prep and actually get to study more for tomorrow's midterm.

2. Whether it's dealing with a bad breakup, midterm stress, or just another quarter-life crisis, a support system is always right by you to keep you on track

And there's always a hug when you need it.

3. Not having to deal with any of the wild roommate drama you hear your friends vent about

Living with others can sometimes be hard, especially if you're not used to their lifestyle.

4. It can enhance your relationship with your family as you start to be more transparent to them about your life

Less sneaking around, and more communication!

5. Save money…. lots of it

Save those quarters you would have used up on laundry, and save those big bills you would have spent on rent!

Cover photo taken by Scott Webb