A Panic! At The Disco Appreciation Post

Let us never forget those middle school days where we all screamed the lyrics of “I Write Sins Not Tragedies” the moment we heard those first chords. Sure, the only person left from the original Panic! band is Brendon Urie, but I still faithfully listen to any new album the moment it comes out and dance around in my room.

Truth be told, I am madly in love with Brendon’s vocal abilities, since the first time I ran into Panic!’s acoustic version of “The Ballad of Mona Lisa.” I get chills. Every. Time. If you have never heard this song, this acoustic version, or simply want to join me in getting a sense of melancholy, remembering the good old middle school days, check out the song here.

It is hard to believe that Panic! At The Disco’s career has spanned for over a decade, and sure we have lost many of its members along the way, but the band has truly had a nice evolution of music. A few months ago, Billboard published on their YouTube a 6-minute-long video of their music video evolution and to be quite honest, it can make you pretty nostalgic, and make you think, When was the last time I heard this song? And overall it takes you back to the good old “goth phase” we all went through.

Panic! has also grown lyrically over the years, such as their song “Girls/Girls/Boys” that expresses that everyone has the right to be truthful to their sexual identity, as well as the courage it takes for one to come out and be themselves. The song also has the amazing lyric, in which Brendon Urie powerfully sings, “love is not a choice.”

So many years have passed since Panic!’s formation that Brendon Urie has gone from being single to now being married. This major event led to the beautiful ballad that is “The Death of a Bachelor” with lyrics such as the following, “Happily ever after… how could I ask for more? A lifetime of laughter, at the expense of the death of a bachelor.”

Panic! At The Disco is still going strong, currently on a world tour for their latest album, Pray for the Wicked.  I finish this appreciation post with a link to the one of kind cover from Panic!, in which they performed Queen’s iconic song, "Bohemian Rhapsody.”