Overcoming My Winter Quarter Homesickness

A dull feeling of homesickness has been clouding my winter quarter, especially with Chinese New Year season underway. The distance from Taiwan feels a little bit farther and my nostalgia is a little bit stronger. Many of you probably understand the way I’m feeling, which is only exacerbated by our work and school loads. 

Whether your home is a 13-hour flight away like mine or only a few hours down the coast, do what works for you to be joyous and fulfilled!

For me, that was celebrating Chinese New Year in California.

Confetti covered the ground, loud music blasted on speakers, people paraded the streets, and lanterns lit up the street -- even in the daylight. We went to Chinatown in Los Angeles, and I was able to experience a little bit of the Chinese New Year celebrations that I have been missing. Being with old high school friends, even with some having midterms the next day, meant a lot to me.

Even though it may sound minuscule, friends prioritizing our time together during this integral holiday of my hometown was a homesickness cure that would never have occurred by just continuing my routine of work and school.

Life is too short to live by each letter grade. Winter quarter can be tough, but friends can make it easier!  What are your tips for staying refreshed during the quarter?

Article photos courtesy of author.

Cover image source: Unsplash