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To One of the Best Womxn to Walk This Earth

History plays an important role in our lives. We draw our inspiration from past events, reputable individuals, and speakers (some of whom are alive and some of whom are no longer with us) and strive to live by the values of those individuals to become the change we want to see in the world. We learn from Rosa Parks how to stand up in the face of injustice when it is against society’s standards and the norms. We learn from Malala Yousafzai to chase education and make it possible, even if it’s in impoverished settings and culturally polluted environments. We learn from Marie Curie to be brave, unstoppable, and persistent with our goals and needs. We learn true friendship and loyalty from our closest friends. We learn patience and pure love from our mothers and the incredible womxn whom we are surrounded by. 

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To all the lovely womxn, this one’s for you. Some of us are fighters, some of us are goal chasers, some of us are hopeless romantics, and some of us are just, WOMXN. Regardless of what category you fit in in the pool of life, I want to send you words of encouragement and tell you that you are doing amazing. 

Dear Womxn,

No matter where you are in your life, keep going. Don’t stay in one spot, keep moving. Set goals. Make schedules. Be consistent. Stick to a routine that makes you happy. Do things with love. Most importantly, live intentionally

If you are unhappy with the current circumstances, you have two choices: be patient along the journey and embrace the challenges, or change the way you live your life. The choice is yours, so make it worthwhile. 

I’d like to end this with a personal note from an inspirational woman and role model:

“Here’s to Lady Fatima, one of the best women to walk the earth. In a world that tries to objectify women to mere physical appearances she shows us true beauty is of the soul. Where we are silenced as women- she shows us how to speak up for our rights and express our opinions. Her courage, her eloquence, her manners, and her generosity were undeniable. And her modesty is unparalleled. She teaches us hijab is not only a veil on our heads- but a declaration of independence as we submit to the One above. We learn to be many things from her- successful leaders and active contributors to society, mothers, daughters and wives- but most important of them all, we can learn to be women who demand respect in the way they carry themselves.”

With love, 


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Layla is studying Psychology and Human Development at the University of California, Davis. She has many interests and enjoys being busy. She is currently working as a Student Manager at the UC Davis Bookstore and interning as an RA in Goodman's Lab. She is passionate about Youth Development, Career Advising, Marketing, Team Building, and Web Design. She hopes to give back to the community and empower the future generation of great leaders.
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