The New Kate Spade Collection Can't Get Much "Sweeter"


If you've ever dreamt of a wonderland of desserts, candies, and pastries combined with a stunning collection of purses, clothes, shoes, and accessories, then this would qualify as paradise. Kate Spade New York has always produced unique and interesting pieces, but their most recent collection might just take the "cake."

Hundreds of mall-goers have flocked to the Kate Spade New York store in the Westfield Roseville Galleria over the past few weeks to get their hands on the Magnolia Bakery collection. This collection includes a dozen or so items inspired by the world-renowned New York City bakery which specializes in classic American baked goods and desserts. It also includes cupcake and cookbook- shaped purses and jewelry, along with printed clothing and stationery. It is almost as if Willy Wonka himself created this collection at his famous chocolate factory.

One may wonder, how much do these "sweet treats" cost? Like many of their items, the prices fall on the higher end of the spectrum, and since this new collection has been receiving a lot of publicity and chatter, it is especially true. They fall within the $230-$400 range, which is not unusual for Kate Spade New York.

Someone unfamiliar with the brand may find it odd to want an expensive purse that resembles a pudding container. One Roseville resident who attended the release party earlier this month commented, "It's not every day that you see something like this done," as she walked over to a pair of shoes that that were placed under a cake platter.

She is absolutely right. The store was shining, glittering, and dazzling its customers. People continued to gush about the label, "Everyone knows the Kate Spade style. You can spot one of their purses immediately. There's nothing else really like it." Not one customer left that day thinking about numbers. Instead, they left excited and happy about their one-of-a-kind purchase, and maybe they left just a tad sweeter, too.