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New Girl: Portraying Relationships the RIGHT Way

**WARNING: This article contains spoilers!**

New Girl is an amazing show for many reasons - not only is it hilarious, but it also does an awesome job at portraying healthy (and entertaining) romantic relationships and friendships. Read below to learn about some of the best aspects of each character’s relationship with one another!


Cece and Schmidt

The best part about Cece and Schmidt’s relationship is how they’re best friends. Even though they eventually get married, my favorite part of their relationship development was when they weren’t together. When they were just friends, you could really see how much they wanted each other to just be happy and always wanted the best for one another, even at the expense of their own desires. They were friends who supported each other’s decisions and had each other’s backs. Throughout the show, we see that Schmidt and Cece bring out the best in each other - Schmidt breaks his infamous “Douchebag Jar” at their wedding ceremony in season 5!


Nick and Jess

Nick and Jess’ relationship is a prime example of how accepting your S.O.’s flaws is so important. In the beginning, they struggle to make a relationship work because of their differences. As the show progresses, Nick and Jess continue to be friends and realize that they still love each other despite their flaws. In the end, they learn to love each other’s differences - Jess (who hates raisins) realizes that she needs someone like Nick (who loves raisins) to eat the raisins in her trail mix.

Winston and Cece

In season 6, we get to see the development of a platonic, girl-guy friendship through Winston and Cece. Their friendship is a great example of how guys and girls can have enriching friendships without ulterior motives or romantic feelings.

Nick and Schmidt

There are many moments in Nick and Schmidt’s relationship that defy heteronormative standards we have for male-male friendships. Nick and Schmidt shave each other’s facial hair and even got waxed together (with Winston) as a symbol of the strength of their friendship.

Jess and Cece

How can I not include these two? Jess and Cece’s friendship is one of the best media portrayals of a strong, lasting friendship between two women. Not many shows highlight the close camaraderie women can have with each other, and I think New Girl definitely does a wonderful job at portraying the sense of sisterhood best girlfriends have!

Amanda is a fourth year UCD student majoring in Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior with a minor in Psychology. She is an undergraduate research assistant at an affective neuroscience lab on campus. When she isn't studying or working, Amanda enjoys binge-watching shows on Netflix, doodling, napping, and hanging out with her friends.
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