Netflix Movies to Watch Over Spring Break

Bored over spring break? Looking for a way to avoid your responsibilities? Need a day (or week) to relax? There’s nothing better than grabbing a bowl of popcorn and having a movie marathon. Here’s a list of my favorite movies for each genre, all of which can be found on Netflix. Happy watching!

If you like dramas: Short Term 12 

Staring recent Oscar winner Brie Larson, Short Term 12 tells the story of a Grace, a woman who works at a residential treatment facility for at-risk teenagers. Not gonna lie, I would recommend this movie even if you don’t like heartfelt dramas — it’s one of the best movies on Netflix.

Alternative: Fruitvale Station

If you like romance: Comet 

Comet focuses on a man and woman’s six-year relationship as it bounces back and forth between multiple parallel universes. In addition to being funny and romantic, it’s a very aesthetically pleasing film. Take a look:

Alternative: 6 Years 

If you like crime mysteries: The Loft

The Loft centers in on five married men who secretly share a penthouse, where they can indulge in affairs. However, paradise is disrupted when a woman’s dead body is found in the loft — and someone in the group is involved. If you want to watch a movie about five rich white men ruining each other’s lives, this one is right for you.

Alternative: Side Effects

If you like comedies: Chef 

Chef is about Carl, a restaurant chef who loses his job, only to start a food truck business. Follow Carl on his road trip across the country as he and his son touch people’s lives with food. Note: do NOT watch this movie while you’re hungry.

Alternative: Adventureland 

If you like documentaries: Miss Representation

Miss Representation covers the misrepresentation (clever, right?) of women in media, and how it affects women and girls in American society. Watch this if you’re in the mood to get frustrated, or if you’re looking for arguments as to why feminism is still relevant.

Alternative: Fed Up 

If you like indie movies: Dope 

Dope tells the story of Malcolm, a high school senior from a rough L.A. community, who is trying to get into Harvard University. Stylish and entertaining, Dope tackles stereotypes while also remaining a fun, “geeky” film.

Alternative: Copenhagen 

If you like horror films: House of Wax

I’ll be honest, I actually couldn't care less about horror films. So, I asked my horror-obsessed friend for recs, to which she responded, “I only watch the really bad ones,” then sent me a list. With that said, I have no idea what House of Wax is actually about, I just picked it because Chad Michael Murray stars in it. So proceed with caution.

Alternative: Zombeavers 

If you like action: The Double

Tensions run high in The Double when a US senator is murdered, and a retired CIA operative and FBI agent must work together to find who they think is an assassin. As if it weren’t a captivating plot already, Topher Grace plays the young agent (Eric Forman really headed in a different direction, didn’t he?).

Alternative: The Italian Job