My Top 10 Pop Culture-Inspired Makeup Collections

There is nothing more thrilling than seeing pop culture icons inspire makeup collections in versatile and striking ways. The aesthetic presentation of these pallets both in color and packaging not only make my hidden pop culture enthusiast sing with pleasure, but also makes me want to unapologetically splurge money on the makeup inspired by said pop culture icons (even when I know I shouldn't).

Note: Some of the collections are no longer available, not yet released, or out of stock.

Here are my top 10 pop culture inspired makeup collections!

1. Mean Girls Burn Book Eyeshadow Palette by Storybook Cosmetics

It's so fetch!

Photo source: Influenster

2. Wizardry and Witchcraft Palette by Storybook Cosmetics

Alright, it may not be exactly Harry Potter (because of legal reasons), but it is painfully obvious that this palette is Harry Potter-inspired.

Photo Source: Seventeen

3. Beauty and the Beast Collection by L'Oreal

"You don't have time to be timid. You must be bold and daring." - Lumiere (Beauty and the Beast). Bold and daring are exactly what these colors are!

Photo Source: London Beauty Queen

4. Alice in Wonderland (Book of Shadows) Eyeshadow Palette by Urban Decay

I can spend hours looking at the intricacy of the packaging before even doing doing my makeup.

Photo Source: Sassisam

5. Princess Jasmine Makeup Collection by Sephora

When I'm feeling my inner princess shine, I reach for this pallet to transform into an outer princess, too.

Photo Source: The Happy Blog

6. Beauty and the Beast Palette by Lorac Cosmetics

All the gold in this collection screams expensive!

Photo Source: Allure

7. Alice Through the Looking Glass Palette by Urban Decay

You can actually close the flaps located above the butterfly!

Photo Source: Fashion For Lunch

8. Game of Thrones Makeup Collection by Storybook Cosmetics  

That fan brush is everything.

Photo Source: Glamour

9. Downtown Abbey Lip Gloss Collection by Marks and Spencer

Where classy meets style, these lip glosses have me sold. 

Photo Source: Instyle

10. Cinderella Makeup Collection by Sephora

Who says you can't look amazing while sweeping the chimney?

Photo Source: Its Kate Spicer

The concept of a themed, inspired makeup collection simply cannot exist without paying homage to some of the most iconic women in pop culture. And these pallets pay their due respects in all of the right ways!

Cover photo source: Pexels