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My Obsession With Google Calendar

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I know what you’re thinking: How can someone be addicted to a calendar app? I ask myself that question too but nonetheless, here I am. I fall asleep thinking about the tasks that I need to complete for tomorrow, I dream about the color-coded blocks, and when I wake up, the first thing I do is check my calendar. How did I get here? What do I do about it? Is there anything I could even do? Is it really that bad? Do I need to delete the app? Could I even function without the app? The list of questions goes on but my feelings stay the same, I love Google Calendar. 

On top of using Google Calendar every day, I’ve started to convince my friends to hop on the train too. A lot of them just look at me and scoff because they’re easily able to keep track of their plans in their head (how does it feel to be God’s favorite?) but I stand my ground and keep persisting. I mention how you can share your calendar with your friends to see what everyone is up to—since Find My just isn’t enough anymore—and plan times to hang out or call. My friends and I have recently created a new calendar with the three of us on it that we use for gym scheduling every week. We put the time, day, and body parts that we’re working out and plan to go together. If one of us can’t make it, they can just look back at the calendar to see what they missed! We also use it to plan really important events like our weekly Bachelor watch party and when we’re going out to all-you-can-eat Korean barbeque. How could we live without that?!?

Aside from being able to coordinate with your friends, it’s a great organizational tool to use for everyday life. Every time I need to complete something like an assignment, send an email, or call a doctor, I put it as a task on my calendar and I’m able to keep track of what I need to do and what I’ve accomplished—not to mention it’s so satisfying to click ‘done’. Nothing slips my mind anymore and I can plan things ahead of time. Another advantage is that you can color code your calendar and choose which colors you want! I love to put all of my classes in different colors, the gym in pink (duh), and work in a separate color. This helps me differentiate between each event and I know what to plan for when I check in the morning. Also, it’s an easy way to store addresses, links, and phone numbers that are related to an event that you can come back to when it’s time. For example, I had to drive across town for an appointment that I scheduled months in advance and it was so low stress when the time came because I already had the address written down, the phone number for the doctor, and the appointment time confirmed.


Hopefully, I convinced at least one person out there in the universe to start using Google Calendar and get their life together! Maybe I just have a memory like Dory and the visual cues of a 6 year old but I truthfully could not live without it. Save yourself some stress and convert to being a G-Cal girlie!