To My Friends Back Home

Starting college in the fall was an extremely exhilarating time for all of my friends and me. It was a huge chapter in our lives and the first time any of us were able to experience what it was like to move away from our hometown and live on our own. We were excited for a newfound sense of independence, to learn new things, to see different parts of the world, and most importantly, to meet new people.

I was also nervous — what if we drifted apart from each other? I have seen so many older people drift apart from their high school friends. My friends meant the world to me, and I couldn’t imagine losing them in my life. As this year starts coming to an end, I’ve been blessed to meet many wonderful new people at Davis; however, I’ve also realized that nothing will ever compare to the relationships I’ve formed with the people I’ve grown up with back home.

Thanksgiving break was the first time I saw my friends after we initially started college. I remember how happy we all were counting down the days until we could be reunited again after spending two and half months apart and having only communicated through text message, FaceTime, and daily Snapchats. Despite the physical and geographical distance, nothing changed between us in the slightest. We spent the whole night enjoying each other’s presence, laughing, and having a good time while catching up with each other while drinking milk tea from our favorite boba shop.

Image source: Pixabay

Since then, I’ve been lucky enough to see my friends during every academic break. Being home with them brings me the most amazing sense of joy. No matter how many weeks or months we spend apart from each other, we know that our friendship remains consistent and strong. We offer each other emotional support and encouragement and keep each other up to date with each other’s lives every day with the assistance of social media platforms. My friends and I have been there for each other at our lowest moments and our highest moments — from high school proms and graduation to the stress of college midterms, we know that we can always count on one another if we need a shoulder to lean on.

To my friends back home, thank you for remaining true and for being such an important part of my life. Although we are going through a huge transitioning period of our lives and will continue to expand our social network, I know that I will always have you all to rely on, and I will always look forward to the next time we get to spend time together.

Image source: Pixabay