My Failsafe, Semi-Pricey Make Up Tutorial

Lately, I have been receiving comments on what face make up I use, so I thought this would be no better space to share! 

This regimen of mine has been the same since I was in middle school. I remember having the conversation with my mom regarding wanting to get face makeup and her excitedly taking to me the Lancôme counter at Nordstrom. I got a full makeover for my birthday. 

I’m sorry these products aren’t cheaper. I know spending a pretty penny on makeup as a college student is not on your to-do list; HOWEVER, they last forever! Definitely a worthwhile investment in my eyes! LOL.

Follow the best you can. I am not a makeup blogger, nor do I ever give tutorials, so I wish you the best of luck.

First, moisturize your face. Use whatever cream you would like. I then apply my liquid foundation with a wet foundation brush from M.A.C. I use Lancôme’s Teint Idole Ultra 24H Long Wear Foundation and apply it liberally all over the face until blended in thoroughly. When choosing a foundation shade, I always choose a shade a tad lighter than your skin. It blends in nicely when your foundation powder is closer to your real skin shade.

Then, I apply Lancôme’s Effacernes Waterproof Protective Undereye Concealer with my index finger under my eye to cover dark circles and other blemishes throughout my face. 

At this point, I take a pause with my face and jump to the brows. I am no brow-pro, but i just try to fill in my thin eye brows the best I can with a super cheap Loreal eyebrow liner from CVS or Walgreens. No need to spend too much on that. 

Back to the face. Now, we get to powder it up. With a powder/buffing brush, apply Lancôme’s Dual Finishing Foundation to create a dewy look on the face. This powder works incredibly well with the Teint Idole foundation. It sticks but does not feel sticky-icky. Blend all over face — don’t forget about creating smooth borders along your neck, forehead, and temples. Blending makes all the difference. 

Bronzer. If you want the bronzer look, let’s do it. Take a contouring brush and swirl it around M.A.C.’s Bronzing Powder ~four times a give it a good blow. Gently create a smooth line along the cheek bone and up into the temple to create a smooth contour effect along the cheekbones.

Pick back up the powder/buffing brush and apply M.A.C.’s Mineralize Blush directly on your cheek bones while also blending it through your bronzer a bit. At this point, you want to blend the whole face to lessen any sharp lines and darker spots.

If desired, highlighting is the next option. This stuff is cool and sparkly. M.A.C.’s Double Gleam is a really concentrated slightly bronzed highlighter that I apply with my fingers on my upper cheek bone, close to where I apple concealer. This creates a wet look to the face. If you would prefer a different look, you do you!! 

I know this consists of a million things and I am sorry it’s confusing and ridiculous. But, we have to finish off with some mascara. I personally choose to curl my eyelashes because if not, they’re hardly there. Then I throw on L’Oréal Paris Voluminous Original Mascara—yes, the one you hear all the commercials about. It’s so good. So smooth. SO easy. At the very least, use this mascara and curl the lashes. It makes such a difference.

OMG! If you have made if all the way, THANK YOU!!!  This has been so fun, and I hope y'all give some of this a try! Namaste!