Must-Sees and Must-Dos in Oahu, Hawaii

Last summer, my family and I were fortunate enough to take a vacation to Hawaii, and I had the time of my life! We stayed on the island of Oahu, and our hotel was right in the middle of the tourist-hub near Waikiki Beach. Hawaii is absolutely beautiful — the water is clear and blue, the sun is radiant, the sand is soft and warm, and the food is absolutely delicious. I would recommend it to everybody! If you are planning a visit to Oahu sometime soon, here are some places that I visited and adored.

1. Marukame Udon

There’s always a super long line in front of this restaurant, and it’s for a good reason. But don’t worry, the line moves really fast! This restaurant operates in a cafeteria style; you move along the line to get your food. The udon is delicious, the noodles are fresh and the broth is flavorful! You can also get sides such as spam musubi, tempura, and more. All of the food is amazing, and it is cheap. A bowl of udon here averages around $6-7. SO. WORTH. IT.

2. Pearl Harbor Memorial

Hawaii not only has lots of tourist attractions; it also has a tragic and deep history. The Pearl Harbor Memorial features several ships and planes used in WWII. At the memorial, you will be shown a short film that goes over the history of the war. After the film viewing, you will be taken on a boat tour with an audio narrator telling you more about the war and the soldiers who lost their lives fighting for our country. The experience is humbling and saddening, but will make you appreciate those who honorably sacrificed themselves.

3. Dole Plantation

If you love Dole Whip from Disneyland, then this is your place to go! The Dole Plantation is HUGE and it’s really fascinating. You can go on tours to learn more about the history of the plantation, take photos inside a giant pineapple, play a game and explore the corn maze, shop cute pineapple apparel, and more importantly, eat all kinds of Dole Whip desserts! The Dole Whip from here is AMAZING.

4. Pali Outlook

This is a viewpoint in Hawaii and it is absolutely breathtaking. To get there, you’ll drive all the way to the top of a mountain in order to get a bird’s eye view of a stunning and luscious green scenery. Be prepared to pack a jacket along though, as it is definitely cold there! However, the view is definitely unlike anything else and will be worth it.

5. Byodo-In Temple

This temple is actually a model of the original one, which is in Japan. Because it is a model, no worshipping services actually take place here. However, it is a great place to see and to take photos in front of. The building itself is a beautiful red and the structure pays homage to the architectural styles of Japan. This was by far one of my favorite places to see in Hawaii!

Image source: Pexels

6. Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck

If you come to Hawaii and don’t eat seafood, you’re doing it all wrong. Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck, located in North Shore, is notoriously popular among both Hawaiian locals and tourists — for good reason too. It is mouth-watering comfort food, some of the best shrimp I’ve ever had! Be prepared to wait though, as their shrimp is always in high demand. I waited in line for two hours!

7. Waikiki Beach

How could you come to Hawaii without any intention of visiting the beach? Waikiki Beach in Hawaii is absolutely beautiful! The combination of water, sand, and sun make Hawaiian beaches an absolute paradise. This beach is always filled with crowds, making it fun and lively. You can swim, get your tan on, rent paddle boats, eat delicious food from nearby vendors and booths, and more! There is so much to experience at this beach.

Image source: Tyler Lastovich