A Month for Us

Womxn are powerful beings and we deserve to celebrate the history of us. The obstacles we have overcome to defeat patriarchy and misogyny throughout the years is enough to empower us as womxn, as empathic, beautiful, nurturing beings that are wholeheartedly capable and competent enough to be anything we want in this world.

However, we cannot forget that we as womxn must uplift other womxn. It’s very important that all womxn, although victims of patriarchy, go through different obstacles. Trans womxn, womxn of color, indigienous womxn, black womxn, all still go through the harsh discrimination of the world in ways that we could never fathom. In March, especially, we celebrate these womxn. More important, we need to work every day to be allies for these womxn, to care for these womxn, and uplift them in a world where they’re dehumanized and degraded.

Crowd of women, one holding a sign that says Via Lindsey LaMont on Unsplash I never felt empowerment as a womxn of color until now. I remember as a high schooler, I used to tell others I was not a feminist because I hated the negative connotation the word had. I was ignorant and unwilling to understand what it meant. To know that I am uplifted by other womxn has made me feel like this time is a time for womxn to shine. It’s a time for womxn to continue to fight and beat down the patriarchy, and more importantly, it’s a time to learn to not bring down other womxn.

feminism Photo by Elyssa Fahndrich on Unsplash We have a month for us to look at the womxn around us and thank them for the endless sacrifices they have made for us. We need to thank our moms, our sisters, and those who have came before us for setting the cornerstone of the world we live in. We need to celebrate those who continue to build a world for womxn that is safe for all womxn. Let’s keep striving for a world for us! A world for empowering womxn!