Moments of Panic

College is full of memories, awkward stories, and crazy situations no one wants to be in. Things just happen and you have no idea why. Sometimes they just can’t be controlled. But what do you do after? Hide your face or pretend like it didn’t happen?

That moment of having your music or sound turn on with people around you when it is completely out of place - yeah, that’s the real panic.

That slow moment of panic when you are in a full classroom and you open your laptop and an unfinished song on Youtube blasts. Or when you’re supposed to be paying attention in lecture (a.k.a. scrolling through Instagram) and accidentally play a video. You can’t bring yourself to look around and slowly want to blend into your seat. Utter panic.

The worst is when you’re in the middle of the library and everyone around you is completely silent and studying. You’re studying and jamming to music with headphones in, but seem to be getting death glares from people. No clue why? Your face turns red as you realize that your headphones are not plugged into your laptop. That moment of panic sets in and what do you do? Do you pack your stuff and make a run for it, or sit there with an apologetic look?

Whatever you decide, just remember that there are so many other people that have experienced this as well. We can all relate - some of us might have done the same thing just moments before!

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