Megan Powers: UCD Cheer Team Captain

Name: Megan Powers

Year: 2015

Major: Communications with a minor in Managerial Economics

Hometown: Fremont, CA

What have you been involved with on campus?

I am a four-year member of the UC Davis Cheerleading Team, two of which I served as one of the captains, I am a member of the Delta Delta Delta sorority, and am a representative of Aggie Pack as a Marketing Intern for UC Davis Athletics- we're a promotional crew for game days.

What is your proudest accomplishment?

Conquering the Freshman 15 (I blame the Late Night cookies at the DC). I’m only joking! My proudest accomplishment was being voted one of the Captains of the UCD Cheer Team for two consecutive years. We are a team built on tradition, dedication, and excellence; to be chosen to lead such a diverse and talented group of individuals has been both a humbling, and rewarding experience. As a captain I could encourage people to push beyond their limits to do their best. I coached them on technique, and helped them gain confidence to try new skills. Leading cheers and interacting with the fans at Aggie Stadium will remain as some of my most cherished memories.

Why did you choose a Communications major?

I changed my major multiple times from Undeclared/Exploratory, to Environmental Sciences, but ultimately, I declared Communications with a Business/Marketing emphasis through Managerial Econ. I chose this because Communications is such an integral part of our everyday lives, yet it is a highly undervalued major. It is also applicable to a variety of careers in many different fields, and having that flexibility is important to me. Whatever career I end up in, pursuing a major in Communications affords me the ability to use my knowledge and experiences to work with others to achieve goals.

Best UC Davis memory?

That is too hard to choose! There is making the cheerleading team my freshman year after a challenging week of clinics and tryouts…. or maybe kicking up my boots almost every weekend during Country Nights at the Davis Graduate. I think the absolute best memory I have is cheering at UCD’s very first basketball game featured on ESPN! The energy in the building was insane! I will never forget the feeling of walking onto the court, looking up, and staring in shock at the massive numbers of fans packed into the Pavilion. 

What's your spirit animal?

I have never thought about what my spirit animal would be, but I think I would say a Narwhal, since one of my favorite movies is Elf and I can quote the entire film.

What would be your dream job after college?

Employed, haha! I aspire to be an International Sports Marketing Executive.