Megan Hosking: A True Smile Maker

While coming into Davis as a freshman is difficult, it may be even harder on transfer students—I mean, you don’t have the dorms to ease some of the pain of classes and all of the other confused people around you are two or three years younger! One Her Campus reader is pushing through this, with great ease and fluidity. Megan Hosking is a third-year transfer student from the Bay Area who loves all things teeth—she actually wants to work with them every day! Keep reading to find out how this fellow UCD peer has managed her way around Davis so far!

Hey Megan! Thanks for taking the time to talk with me today. Can you tell me a brief overview of yourself? What are your hobbies and interests, and what major are you pursuing?

Hi! Yes, I am 21 years old, I grew up in the Bay Area and I am currently pursuing a degree in Biological Sciences. Right now, I’m starting an internship at UCDMC in the Pediatric ICU, where I’ll be playing and hanging out with the children! Other than that I enjoy reading, hiking, and playing with my guinea pig.

Sounds interesting! What job are you hoping to attain after college?

I am pursuing a career as an orthodontist, which is a dentist who specializes in straightening teeth with the use of braces.

Oh wow, going into orthodontia sounds tough! What made you want to pursue that career in the first place?

I have always loved beautiful smiles! As a semi-perfectionist, it gives me great joy to know that I can make a person more confident as well as help a person to feel more comfortable while doing everyday things such as talking and even chewing.

As a transfer student, what do you feel has been your biggest obstacle to overcome at UC Davis?

I would say that getting used to how HUGE UC Davis is has been a challenge. I will walk for 10 minutes and still not get across campus! I would also say that many transfer students may have difficulty keeping up with some of the course material. I would say that, for me, UC Davis is more difficult but I was able to keep up through different things such as peer tutoring and SASC workshops.

Are you involved in any clubs and how has that effected your time here at Davis?

I am involved in the UC Davis Pre-Dental Society and I am thinking about joining some other clubs as well! I really enjoy clubs, and the one I am in right now has helped me to get to know people and socialize, which is a must.

What is one thing you’re excited to do while here for your last two years?

I am excited to meet new people and find more activities to do! I am also very excited about doing more internships, I love learning and helping people.

What’s been your best memory thus far at UCD (even though you’ve only been here for a short time!)?

I would say my favorite memory was going and seeing the cows by Tercero. Even though they do have a smell to them, they are very sweet and they are fun to feed and pet. Going and seeing them showed me how unique UC Davis is. I mean, not every campus has a herd of cattle on it!

Lightning Round!!

Favorite animal: A beaver

Favorite dessert: Tiramisu

Favorite movie right now: Moana

Favorite TV show: Scrubs

Any parting words?