Maybe Zoom University Isn't So Bad?

Perhaps it can be attributed to my intrinsic need to be obnoxiously optimistic, but I genuinely like online classes. On every corner of the internet I find myself surrounded by people posting about their intense hatred of Zoom classes and have to wonder if that reflects their true feelings or they are simply projecting their disdain of the current state of the world onto this aspect of their life. Regardless, I think it would be beneficial to everyone to look on the bright side and join me in finding a positive side to this new, unfamiliar form of schooling.

I don’t know about you, but I had the unfortunate luck to wind up with an 8 am class on Monday mornings this quarter. Originally, when I was naive enough to think I would be experiencing an ordinary spring quarter, I was absolutely dreading having to wake up at 7, get ready as silently as possible in my dorm room, stumble bleary-eyed to the dining hall, and trek over to the Mondavi Center at what I would consider the crack of dawn. Now though, I am blessed with the ability to wake up at 7:58 at the earliest, grab my laptop, log into zoom, and get a world-class education via Zoom from the comfort of my bed. If I wanted, I could spend the entire day laying in bed while still attending my classes. This is the stuff of dreams!

Ever since I was introduced to single-desks in high school, and worse - the tiny foldable desks in large college lecture halls, I have longed for the primary school days of full-sized desks where I would have enough space for both my notebook and my laptop, including the luxury of being able to take notes with my arm bent at any angle I desired. At home, I have access to as much workspace as I need, without fearing that my delicate balancing act will send my water bottle crashing down in the middle of lecture.

My personal favorite part of attending virtual classes is that most don’t require my camera to be on. This allows me the freedom to attend class in the same sweats I’ve worn for the last five days without a single person knowing… that is, if my mom doesn’t walk in and make a snide comment on how I need to dress for success. If I do decide to venture out of my room in the morning, I am able to cook myself pancakes for breakfast while simultaneously attending my psychology lecture.

PancakesOverall, I think that during strange times such as these, it can be easy to default to projecting your negative feelings onto every aspect of your life. However, if you consciously make an effort to notice the positives and cling onto those, your days will begin to brighten.