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To the Max: First Impressions

According to Webster Dictionary the first impression is the first case of judgment or consideration. When you meet someone, the first impression reveals who you are on the surface. Although these judgments can be superficial, they help us decide whether we want to associate with someone on the next level: either with work or play.

Coming into college, first impressions are very important especially when it comes to finding a roommate, making friends, getting an internship, speaking to a professor and within every day-to-day  interaction. The way you are initially perceived can shape the perceptions that people will have of you and eventually (being that your first impression was well-received) steer you in the right direction and help you establish strong relationships whether it’s with your peers or your professors.

A few tips to make sure you give a good first impression: Stay confident, speak eloquently, take your time to choose your words, know your audience (you definitely don’t want to slip in a college colloquialism if you’re talking to your TA, for more advice on this, check out Liz Laxton’s article on Verbal Shortcomings) maybe as a precursor to the conversation, come up with a few conversation topics you can always go back to, and smile!
Everyone loves a smile.

Edited by: Amy Coyle
phot cred: http://mamigs.tumblr.com/

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