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Mary Serafin, Founder of Davis Women in Business

Mary Serafin is a third- year Economics and Design major who is as bright as the future ahead of her. Mary got involved in the business community here at Davis when she was a freshman, after joining Delta Sigma Pi, a business fraternity on campus, and participating in the Morgan Stanley Financial Training Program. Just this year, Mary created a new business club here on campus called Davis Women in Business. Fortunately, we got the opportunity to speak to Mary about her goals for the new club.  

Name: Mary Serafin

Year: 3rd

Major: Economics and Design

Hometown: Chino, CA

Dream job: Motivational public speaker or entrepreneur (or both)

When did you start to take an interest in business/professionalism?

I started to take an interest in business after joining the business fraternity Delta Sigma Pi and the Business Career and Networking Club during my freshman year. Through these organizations, I had become close to several seniors who served as mentors and taught me about the different business opportunities Davis had to offer.

Can you tell me a little bit about Davis Women in Business (DWIB)?

Davis Women in Business is a leadership and empowerment-centered network for women and really anyone who would like to support women’s empowerment. Our goal is to help students become leaders in the world of business, develop professional networks, and set and achieve ambitious career goals. We host a series of events throughout the year that focus on friendship, diversity, and empowerment such as Lean In Circles and an Empowerment Conference.

What inspired you to create DWIB?

I was inspired to create Davis Women in Business by my involvement in another women’s empowerment group based in LA called, Women SPEAK. It’s a network based organization so there are chapters across the country. Whether I’m here in Davis or back home in LA, I know I am supported in all of my personal or professional pursuits, so I wanted to create a similar support group here on campus related to my passion for business.  

Why do you believe women’s empowerment is important?

From experience, I’ve realized that having a strong empowerment group can work wonders in helping develop confidence, assertiveness, and leadership capabilities. I think women’s empowerment, especially at an early age during college, is very important because it can help women develop soft skills that can make a difference in their future workplaces.

What can a student expect from DWIB?

Davis Women in Business is really meant to bring together a network of students. With that in mind, students can expect opportunities to meet and connect with other students and develop themselves professionally by participating with workshops and connecting with companies.

Where do you hope to see DWIB in a few years?

I would hope to see Davis Women in Business making a name for itself on campus and in the professional recruiting world as well. I also look forward to seeing the personal growth that will take place with those leading the organization.

What’s the best advice you could give someone trying to network?

Be open to talking with anyone, anywhere. A lot of time the idea of networking makes people feel uncomfortable, but networking is really just about building relationships and making friends. I like to think of networking based on what I can give or how I can help someone.

Fun questions

If you had to eat one food for the rest of your life what would it be? Definitely salmon — ideally in sashimi form.

Who has influenced you the most? I’ve been strongly influenced by my parents, Brene Brown, and Sheryl Sandberg. You have to read Sheryl Sandberg’s book Lean In. It’s really the basis for what DWIB is all about.

What is the best song to jam to in the car? Can’t Stop The Feeling! by Justin Timberlake

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