'Martin': A Time Capsule of Fashion

When it comes to 90’s fashion, I know Martin isn’t the first show many people think of, but it should be. Martin has contributed so much to modern culture. Kanye West has lyrics quoted from the show, Big Sean did an entire music video in its theme, and it’s where sports commenter Stephen A. Smith got his personality from. It’s also one of the only shows my dad used to play non-stop that I actually watch on my own now.

It wasn’t until I got older that I noticed just how fly most of the fits from that show were. While fashion trends keep progressing back through the decades, Martin is a time capsule of immortal style. Here are some of my personal favorite fits:

1. The neutrals, the high waist, the fanny pack

2. The grandpa cardigan and a cute belt? Sign me up baby

3. Denim jackets are really that bitch, and they always have been

4. Remember when Snoop came by just to remind us that?

5. Fit it and quit it

6. When Gina proved the color yellow was made for black people

7. This tracksuit *heart eyes*

8. So good you gotta look back at it

9. Icons only

10. I like old man fashion, okay?

11. And I couldn’t just not mention Jerome