Making the Most of Spring Break

Every year, I go home for spring break and have a great time, but the days seem to pass by at the speed of light. Through planning activities with friends and spending time with family, time seems to get bundled up into plan after plan. But this spring break is going to be different because I’m not going back to the place I have called home for the past 15 years. Instead, I am going to a new home.

My parents recently moved to sunny Scottsdale, Arizona, and I am going to be spending my break there. I don’t want to spend it cooped up in the house because I don’t know the area or people in it. I only have eight days and I am determined to make them count.

(^^^This is me getting lost in Arizona.)

I am very close with my parents, and this makes me pretty lucky because I am going to be spending ALL of my break with them, considering they are the only people I know in all of Arizona. Spending time with my family is one of my favorite things, but I want to make sure that while having quality family time we are also experiencing new things. I’m planning on us all going out and trying new restaurants, foods, and activities. That is the best part of a new town, right?

My sister, who is my forever best friend, will also be visiting the same time I am. Thank goodness! To make the most of our time together, I am going to make sure we have sibling alone time to catch up on our very different lives. With her, I want to explore the different environments Scottsdale has to offer. There is nothing better than driving around with her and singing together while we go off adventuring, and this is exactly what I want to do.

Although I love being with my family, everyone knows spending 24/7 with family can get a little hectic. So, my last way to make this break a great one is to spend some time by myself. After all, spring break is a break. We are supposed to be relaxing and having fun to de-stress from Winter Quarter and finals.

But I don’t want to spend it being lazy or binge-watching Netflix. When I feel like I need some space from the parents, my plan is to take the car and go for a drive and end up somewhere new ─ go to a coffee shop and do some writing or go shopping. All of those things always help me relax and are good self-care strategies.

I am sad to not be going home to Santa Barbara where I grew up, but I am also SO excited for a new adventure in my and my family’s lives. Having a change of scenery is so important sometimes, and, personally, I feel like I need it more than most people. I am determined to make this the best spring break ever, filled with time well-spent with the people that make me happiest and me-time to recharge before Spring Quarter begins.

I wish you all a lovely spring break, Aggies!