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A Love Letter to UC Davis’s Grass (and Why It’s Essentially the Beach)

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCD chapter.

When I first got to know the Davis campus, I thought it was rather…grassy. After Snapchat story after Snapchat story of my friends at Santa Barbara and San Diego doing all kinds of interesting stuff on the beach, I began to feel a little envious. However, I soon realized that those dark green patches all over campus are essentially our beach at Davis. Here are 10 reasons why the grass is greener on the Aggie side:

1. We tan on the grass–in bikinis.

You may have judged that one girl in the light blue cheeky bikini for tanning on the grass outside the Segundo dorms, but suddenly it hit you. This is a norm here at Davis, and not a bad idea either.

2. We nap on the grass.

The trees we have on almost every patch of grass are big, beautiful, and shady. They’re perfect for laying down, daydreaming, finding your zen, or taking a quick nap between classes.

3. We run through the grass.

Late for class? The huge lawn near the MU is the perfect short cut to almost any building.
4. We run around the grass.
Who wants to run on sand when you can run on a perfectly paved path surrounding beautiful grass and lake water? Davis’s Arboretum is one of the best places to run!
5. We eat on the grass.
Can’t find a seat at the CoHo? There’s always a spot on the grass right out front!
6. We study on the grass.
There are tons of hidden patches of grass where you can kick off your shoes. Instead of feeling the hot sand between your toes, feel the cool grass as you read a book or flip through your notes.
7. We party on the grass.
Picnic Day–enough said.
8. We date on the grass.
A picnic at the Arboretum? Sounds like the perfect first date to me.
9. We take pictures on the grass.
That moment when every senior grad pic on your newsfeed is full of grass.
10. We take care of our grass.
We keep our grass clean and healthy because let’s face it- we do almost everything on it. We love our grass.


Hannah Wren is an English major and Digital Humanities minor on the Dean's Honors List for outstanding academic performance at UCLA. Hannah loves to write and has ample writing experience outside of school. Currently, she works at 7 Generation Games where she creates content for their website to engage and inspire their users. When she is not writing or working, she enjoys spending time with her family, bonding with friends and reading. After she graduates college, Hannah hopes to become a UX designer, entertainment journalist and publish a novel.
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