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Life Lessons from 70’s Queen Jackie Burkhart



As we head into Week 3 of school and Midterms start approaching (seriously, why do they call them MIDterms when they happen throughout the quarter?) college might get you down. It might make you feel insecure. There might be a looming, crushing realization that the next 8 weeks are just you, your textbooks, and the occasional desperate email to your professor. Or is that just me? 

However, my recent Netflix binge of That 70’s Show introduced me to a character so wonderfully conceited, so blissfully unconcerned with what others think of her that I couldn’t help but want to model myself after her. I know there are better things to watch and analyze than a silly series of half-hour episodes that ended 10 years ago… but what’s college procrastination for if not finding gems like That 70’s Show, and inspiring characters like Jackie Burkhart? She may be crass, but she dropped some serious truth bombs in her eight years on the show that I highly recommend incorporating into your life:

1.   She has an unwavering confidence in her intellectual capabilities.

2.   That one time she ‘had to’ choose between two boys but then chose herself.

3.   She totally knows what her inner strengths are, and how to use them.

4.   She’s completely in touch with her emotions.

5.   Her outright refusal to be patronized and silenced.

6.   Special talents include coming up with great gift ideas.

7.   She doesn’t need a man’s opinion to know that she looks good.

8.   But most importantly, her adamant confidence, no matter who got her down. She believed in herself more than anyone else – something I think we could all use a little more of.

Alexandra is a sophomore English major at UC Davis. She loves reading and writing, and her favorite things to do consist of playing her clarinet in the Band-Uh and talking about her dog, Bear.
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