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Life Hacks: A Guide to Life

If you’re like myself, you don’t know how “to life.” Especially as a college student (and soon-to-be Real Adult Thing), it’s essential to learn how to do life. While I can’t tell you how to live or how to be a grown-up, I can tell you how to make your life easier, and give you a few random tips that I’ve learned along the way in my ripe ol’ age of 21. Read more to find out my very own life hacks for you!


  1. Apparently, you can take major-specific classes Pass/No Pass if you’re in the College of Letters and Science.
  2. If your eyes hurt at night, consider getting yellow-tinted glasses. Yes, you’ll look super weird, but they filter out blue-light, which may be the problem to your nighttime headaches.
  3. Use Pixlr instead of Adobe Photoshop if you don’t want to pay the money and are only amateur at photoshopping.
  4. Try the Hazelnut coffee from the CoHo—trust me, it’s really good.
  5. Speaking of the CoHo, if you’re cheap, but hungry, get a bagel with either fowl or tuna salad from the CoHo. They’re very cheap (only $2.75) and great for either breakfast or lunch.
  6. If your ears are sensitive, put clear nail polish on the posts of your earrings. It really works!
  7. If you’re like me and you LOVE hot chocolate, try melting Nutella in milk on the stove.
  8. One thing not to try: cookies dipped in soda. It’s disgusting.
  9. If you’re stuck on writing the thesis statement to a paper before you write the rest of your paper, but you know roughly what the base paragraphs will be about, try writing those first before going back and writing the introduction paragraph.
  10. Need to find a job? Peruse some staffing sites on the web.
Melissa is currently an English major at the University of California, Davis and, in addition to this, she is pursuing a minor in Economics. Melissa currently has a part-time job on campus in addition to writing for hercampus.com. You can follow her on instagram at melissa_hosking
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