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Life in College as Explained by “Bad Blood”

By now, we’ve all seen the “Bad Blood” video a number of times. After the initial confusion of “what’s Kendrick’s doing here!?” we see one celebrity and one amazing outfit after another. Something you may not be aware of, though, is that Taylor’s sassy showdown is pretty relatable to our own daily lives. “It’s so sad to think about the good times,” but these GIFs make it a whole lot better.

1.     When you’re touching up your makeup and your ex walks by..

2.     You know exactly what your roomie is thinking without saying a word:

 3.     Remember that teddy bear you gave me for Valentine’s Day? I found a good use for it.

4.     The definition of “squad goals”

5.     Pulling up to the party like….

6.     You just fell off your bike – play it off casual. Real casual.

7.     When the Starbucks line is really long and you have class in 5 minutes:

8.     The best way to resolve an issue over a guy. TKO.

9.     Never judge me for bringing a purse to class again.

10.     Yeah, we used to be best friends, like last month. “But now we’ve got bad blood.”

Bridget is a second year student at UC Davis with a passion for fashion and writing. She is involved in the Student Fashion Association and hopes that her love for fashion shows through her blog and #OOTD posts. :) She is also a diehard San Francisco Giants fan and enjoys watching baseball, basketball, and football in her free time.
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