A Letter to My Mom: Thank You for All You've Given Me

Dear Mom,

Now that I’m older and beginning to understand life from an adult’s perspective, I become increasingly proud to call myself your daughter every single day. Oftentimes, I think about the obstacles you have overcome and the things you have experienced, and I simply cannot wrap my head around it. There are so many strong womxn in the world, and many times, we see their names headlining articles and their faces featured on mass media. Your story has never been told, but to me, you are the strongest womxn in the world.

You lived without your father for ten years while he served in the war and then lost your own mother to an accident only six months after your father’s return. Growing up, I have been so privileged to have you and dad by my side. You both have raised me to become the strong, intelligent, and ambitious girl that I am today, but I know that I still have so much wisdom left to learn from you. I could not imagine life without either of you.

Image source: Quangpraha, Pixabay

You grew up in an underdeveloped Asian country in a family with ten children that suffered in poverty. Despite the difficulties that your family experienced, you kept a bright smile on your face while cooking and cleaning to help take care of the home. You excelled in school, especially in math. You were even able to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Accounting at a university in America when you barely knew how to speak English. I am so privileged to have your support as I myself journey through college. You are my motivation every day to work hard so that I can graduate and find a good job—so that I can make you proud.

When you were around my age, you had to leave your home country behind, seeking refuge in America. You traveled by boat, in a small and cramped living situation that was not only uncomfortable but dangerous, too. You had no money, no knowledge of the English language, and no certainty about the future, but you remained strong and you were able to make a life for yourself in a brand-new country. I am all that I am today because of you. I will never be able to pay you back for all the sacrifices you have made for me, but you are my primary motivation and biggest supporter, and I am so grateful. I hope that I will make all that sacrifice worth it one day.

 To the strongest womxn I know, thank you.

Image source: Sasint, Pixabay