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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCD chapter.

Emma Chamberlain is a young Youtuber turned part model, business owner, interior designer (definitely go watch her house tour with Architectural Digest if you haven’t already… it’s such a dream home), and a new face in the Hollywood scene. Ever since she debuted as a vlogger, she shocked the masses by quickly gaining followers and being known as a trendsetter, trailblazing with her loud personality, popularizing iced coffee and the brown fuzzy jacket (iykyk).

Later, she went on to become an icon for perfectly captivating casual wear with designer elements. I have been watching her for an ample amount of time, from back when she was living in the Bay Area and doing high school vlogs. Something about her casual and relatable attitude really made me root for her. Every one of her videos feels like you’re on Facetime with her. And more recently, she added an introspective aspect to them, which I really enjoy because the cinematography is aesthetically pleasing and calming while her advice is surprisingly helpful. 


I feel like I’ve grown up alongside her, as I’m sure many of her other fans feel as well. So I was very intrigued when she released a new podcast in 2019 called “Stupid Genius.” It consisted of a very interesting format where she would ask random, science-based questions, guess a logical answer, then have a professional answer the question. Honestly, I didn’t enjoy the podcast as much as I would’ve liked, and apparently, neither did Emma. Albeit a creative concept, she quickly felt she needed a change and switched gears to create “Anything Goes,” a more traditional podcast structure that brings up topics ranging from awkward dating stories, opening up about mental health and recovery, and advice to quite literally anything (how fitting). 

So, the bottom line is essentially this — I am actually obsessed with “Anything Goes” and I highly recommend it. It has this casual vibe about it that makes it interesting and the variety of topics ensures you will never get bored. When listening, it genuinely feels like you’re laying on the floor with her, mid-sleepover, having the best girl-talk of your life. I think the relaxed nature of this podcast is refreshing, breaking the influencer fourth wall and allowing us to see how Emma really lives, which is both engaging and comforting (because they are all human, just like the rest of us). I like how open she is about many different topics, making everyone feel normal.

Nothing feels more reassuring than knowing a girl who has talked to every Kardashian and parties with the Hadid sisters also has mortifying stories to tell. Also, she gives really good advice and I find that she is really good at addressing serious problems with calmness and logic without undermining the feelings of those involved and the intensity of the issue. There truly is something in there for everyone. She even has an episode called “questions from guys” where she gives advice to the boys.

I could rave about Emma as a person and online personality forever and I’ve been following her for years on different types of media, but on this platform especially, she really seems to enjoy talking and delving into her life in an effort to connect with her supporters. Even if this is your first time even hearing about Emma Chamberlain, I would seriously consider giving this podcast a listen because she may surprise you.

Karina is a second year Biochemistry & Molecular Biology major at UCD. Although she is STEM based academically, she enjoys advocating the feminist movement, having conversations about the political climate, whilst trying to remind herself and others to enjoy the simplicity of life through it all. She is passionate about writing what's on her mind in hopes that others can relate and find a sense of community.