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Lady Lawyers You NEED to Follow

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCD chapter.

As a future Lady Lawyer myself, I am always looking for resources and insight that will help me with my journey both to and through law school. Here’s a short list of my favorite “Lady Lawyer” Influencers that all pre-law/law students need to follow.

Averie from @averiebishop

Averie is the co-founder and director of The Tulong Foundation, a non-profit organization that helps children in third-world countries afford education. She is also the first Asian American woman to represent the city of Dallas as Miss Dallas 2020. Averie posts engaging content across all platforms, including Tik Toks that give an insider’s look into the life of a law student balancing modeling, pageantry, and finals. She is a reminder that you can do it all!

Chloe from @lawandskincare

Chloe is a first-gen law student, influencer, and nonprofit founder. Her goal is to bridge the gap between first-generation undergraduate students of color and law school. Chloe is candid about her experience with ADHD and shares all of her tips to help aspiring lawyers cope with it. 

Dellara from @dellara

Dellara Gorjian is a UCLA Law Alum. She received the UC President’s Award for Outstanding Student Leadership for her advocacy on behalf of DACA recipients. Dellara has been featured in the LA Times, NPR, The Guardian, and PBS, to name a few. She now shares content and insight into current events in the legal space while also promoting wellness, self care, and mental health. Otherwise known as “legalbaddie”, she is quite literally one of my greatest inspirations in the legal field. 

Erika from @erikakullberg

If you have ever scrolled on Tik Tok (let’s be honest, we’ve all wasted hours on that app) chances are you have come across Erika and her secrets to finesse your way through life because she “reads the fine print so you don’t have to.” Her mission is to make law simple and accessible for everyone. If you want to learn how to pay off your student loans and graduate without debt, be sure to give her a follow.

Juliet from @earthtojul

Juliet is a fellow Aggie and is one of the most humble and informative legal influencers I have come across. She is constantly posting her experiences as a student studying Environmental Policy at the UC Davis School of Law. Her social media is filled with tips for law students and aspiring attorneys. Ranging from LSAT tips, internship advice, and cute professional outfits that would make Elle Woods swoon, she is your go-to for all things legal. If you are a student thinking about pursuing a career in law, an undergraduate student preparing for law school, or a current law student Juliet has you covered and with tons of insight that will help you along your journey.

Marina from @lawyermarina_

Marina Awed is also a fellow Aggie as she completed her undergraduate degree at UC Davis before finishing her legal studies. Marina is a first-generation lawyer fluent in both Arabic and English. Marina started her own law firm at the age of 29 and is now the owner and managing attorney of Awed Law Group, APC, an immigration and workers compensation firm in Irvine, CA. Her social media content is full of relatable content as she shares her experiences as a woman in the legal field. As I aspire to become the first attorney in my family, her humor regarding her journey is one that I find both comforting and inspiring. Be sure to follow Marina for all of her insight as to how she attained such great success. 

These inspiring Lady Lawyers are a reminder that we can really do it all. With all of their tips and resources, you are sure to be the next inspiration for all future female attorneys to come.