Kate McKinnon’s Best SNL Moments

If there’s one person I know I can rely on to brighten my mood, it’s Saturday Night Live’s Kate McKinnon. From pop idol Justin Bieber to 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, Kate McKinnon’s impressions are spot on. Here are some of my favorite moments of McKinnon on SNL.

1. Calvin Klein Ad

In this digital short, McKinnon impersonates Justin Bieber in his #mycalvin ads. I will never get tired of this skit.

2. Kellyanne Conway: A Day Off

McKinnon perfectly executes her Kellyanne Conway impression as she celebrates her day off from the Trump campaign.

3. Mermaids and a Blobfish

In this skit, three sailors are saved by two majestic mermaids and a… blobfish, played by Kate McKinnon. 

4. Close Encounter

This skit went viral after McKinnon caused her costars to break character. Listen to three different people’s experiences when abducted by aliens.

5. Hillary Actually

All of McKinnon’s Hillary Clinton sketches are genius, but this one perfectly captures the essence of Hillary Clinton without her having to speak a single word.

6. High School Theater Show

This skit hits close to home for anyone who has ever been to a high school theater show. McKinnon and the cast play theater students who have interesting takes on the world.

7. Angela Merkel

McKinnon solidifies her spot as one of SNL’s top political impersonators as she does an impression of German Chancellor Angela Merkel in this Weekend Update.

8. Somebody’s Mom

In this skit McKinnon play’s Deenie, somebody’s mom. Listen to her take on American Crime Show: The People v. O.J. Simpson.