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JoyRun: Cheap, Friendly, Fun

JoyRun is a “food delivery service app used by and for friends” that began at UC Davis during Fall 2015. JoyRun has been able to continue and thrive at UC Davis because it is unique, and it helps people. UC Davis parallels these characteristics, being unlike any other college with its open, green, and beautiful campus containing thousands of bikes and friendly college students who are always willing to assist one another. It is in this setting that JoyRun makes deliveries for the community by its fellow members, making it a social, affordable, and rewarding process. By downloading the app, you can create or join requests and connect to those around you who are willing to do JoyRuns. Then, when you’re ready to do runs, you can earn good money! JoyRun makes people come together while making goals more attainable because the app believes in friends, helping people make money, paying it forward, and being exactly what you need, when you need it.

JoyRun is made for friends, to use by friends. The app is unifying in that every individual forms part of a network that reaches out to assist their fellow friends, neighbors, and classmates. It’s through these good deeds that the community is able to benefit from altruistic acts. As you receive a delivery, you get to see the smiling face of another Aggie who is there to help you get what you need. Without those people who do these great deeds, there would be no JoyRun: shout out to everyone who uses JoyRun!

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JoyRun is a great way to earn money because it is such a flexible gig! You get to choose when you want to do runs, and you get to choose when you want to stop. You get to fit JoyRun in your schedule at any time of the day, making it a great way to earn extra money in just a few hours. This is perfect for when you have a gap in your schedule and you just want to help fellow Aggies of the Davis community: all you need to do is hop in your car and start fulfilling those requests! It’s with JoyRun that you can pay for that spring break that you’ve been dreaming of, so start making runs now!

JoyRun is about doing things for those around you. It is creating a community that helps one another as we all struggle every once in a while. It’s through JoyRun that we see how others in the community can help us even in a small way as we struggle sometimes. JoyRun is about the community, and it continues to succeed because we all need a little assistance. JoyRun was made to get that assistance you need.

Photo courtesy of Instagram (@joyrunapp)

JoyRun provides what you need, when you need it. It’s about thinking beyond yourself in Davis. Consider midterm season: students think of each other by creating runs and delivering food to those stressed, studious people who are cramming in the library. This is also done during finals when all students need is coffee delivered to them, and JoyRun comes in clutch to get that late night Dutch Bros to continue to keep them motivated. It’s also used when students have busy schedules and can’t seem to run food errands (even as small as getting a coffee), and then JoyRun takes care of it.

JoyRun can make your life complete. It began in Davis and continues to help its students. People continuously order from JoyRun whether they’re at the library, their dorm, their apartment, or their house. It provides the easiest accessibility for what they need thanks to alruistic members of the community. It’s nice to discover that many people have your back: friends, co-workers, classmates, teammates, and fellow students. Everyone benefits through these helpful acts, as people get what they need by people who also benefit from the app’s services. The next time you need something, remember: members of your community can help you and you can give back, too — thanks to JoyRun.    

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Sara Geyer is attending UC Davis studying History and Communications. She works at the Telephone Outreach Program on campus, reaching out to stay connected to Davis alumni. Passionate to be involved in the community, she is also in the University Chorus. In her free time, Sara loves spending time with her friends and family, dancing, playing tennis, and volunteering. Grateful for this great community, she loves to meet new people and always be involved.
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