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If You Don’t Watch Red Table Talk You Definitely Should

A few months ago, my roommate was watching a show on her computer and it caught my attention because I heard the voice of actress Jada Pinkett Smith. I asked her what she was watching and she told me it was a show called Red Table Talk. She suggested that I take the time to watch it because it was a good show. I kept saying to myself that I would watch the show, but I never got around to it until this past week because a Facebook advertisement appeared for the show and I needed something to watch in order to kill some time, so I thought why not.

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After watching my first episode, I became hooked and inspired. (I have started binge watching episodes because the show is just that great). Red Table Talk is a weekly web talk television show airing on Facebook Watch starring host Jada Pinkett Smith, her daughter, Willow Smith, and her mother, Adrienne Banfield-Norris. The three women on the show discuss a variety of different topics that range from sexism, gender, racism, beauty, social class, love, relationships, and entertainment news. Occasionally, the show will also bring special guest stars to discuss the different topics of the week.

The first episode I watched was called, “The Racial Divide: Women of Color and White Women,” which discussed the racial divide and social issues between black and white women. The women disclosed that in order for the racial and social divide between black and white women to end, both sides have to come to an understanding, acknowledge their differences, and be open to discuss them. Included in this conversation was Jane Elliot, who is a teacher and lecturer who exposes racial prejudice and bigotry within society. Elliot is well known for conducting experiments in her classroom to show students the effects that racism and racial separation can have on society.

Red Table Talk is exactly the type of show society needed today to set an example on how to create a space for open dialogue where we can discuss important issues within society. Discussions like the one involved in the episode “The Racial Divide: Women of Color and White Women” are insightful and authentic because the women are focusing on how not only they can grow as individuals to change their mindset, but also grow as a community.

It’s important for individuals of all different racial backgrounds, creeds, and color to be able to come to an understanding between each other and respect one another. This show does exactly that by allowing individuals from different experiences the opportunity to converse and hear each other’s stories.

Image source: Ursula Madariaga 

Red Table Talk isn’t superficial like many of the shows out now. It is a wholesome display about real, yet sometimes difficult conversations occurring between family members without all of the drama that usually comes with family television shows. Jada, Willow, and Adrianne are all honest and mature women that tell it like it is. They respect each other’s opinions and ideas, yet they aren’t afraid to express themselves.

If you find yourself out of Netflix shows to binge watch, Red Table Talk is definitely the next show to enjoy during a night in at home.

Alana is a fourth year Design student with a double minor in Textiles and Clothing and Professional Writing. She enjoys writing, sports, and binge-watching television series. With her Design major and love for writing she hopes to either go into marketing or fashion journalism.
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