I Posted a Swimsuit Selfie on Facebook

“Oh my god, I can’t believe she posted that picture!”

“Hey dude, did you see your sister’s profile picture? ... How do you feel about that?”

“Doesn’t she know she shouldn’t wear that?”

These were the kinds of reactions I had received from posting a swimsuit selfie as my profile picture on Facebook. What shocked me the most when I had received this backlash, was the fact that every single comment that was made towards me was from my family. 

During the summer, I attended my sister’s wedding in Maui which was my first time in such a beautiful place. I got a job to save up for the trip and new clothes to wear. This was a big deal for me, since not only have I not been on vacation in a long time, but I also finally had the guts to buy and try on a swimsuit, which arguably is one of the worst things to shop for. 

It took me ten online orders, numerous rigorous try-ons, and five trips to the mall to finally decided that I was most comfortable in a black one piece that had a low back and holes at both sides of my waist. Daring, yes but definitely just enough courage and little bit of peep to feel sexy in. So naturally, as I put on the swimsuit I was excited but also scared to show myself in a vulnerable piece but as I walked on the soft sands of the beaches of Maui and looked out into the water, all fear escaped from me. One of my best friends who came with me on the trip, took a picture of me at this monumental moment. When I saw it, I fell in love and immediately decided to put it as my profile picture as a proud declaration of me being in a swimsuit. 

Image source: Pixabay

To my surprise, I had received a positive response! However, it wasn’t until I went to a family party that I realized what type of response I would actually receive from people who were close to me. It first started with an aunt asking me why I had chosen to wear a dress to a family party to which I replied with, “Oh I just came from work and we have to wear summer dresses.” She then looked at me with disgust and proceeded to bombard me with other questions, “Oh really? That’s... nice. So you’re just working then, not going to college?”, “Oh why are you taking THAT course?” I was shocked as to why she all of a sudden decided to be so invested in my life that was provoked by the dress I was wearing. However, later I had learned shortly before I arrived at this party, my aunts were talking of my swimsuit profile picture saying they were “shocked” by me posting it and so “disappointed” by me wearing a ONE PIECE. 

It was astounding to know that posting a one piece swimsuit picture as your profile picture had so much power. All of a sudden, I was associated with these terrible things and names all because I wore a swimsuit, at a beach. Even though I was upset, I still chose to ignore it all. Of course, I could be a horrible swimsuit wearing woman to my family but they’ll learn to get over it. What they don’t understand is that nothing will beat the feeling of acceptance, bliss, and beauty I felt when that picture was taken. I felt a peace within myself hearing the waves crashing up onto the beach to kiss my feet. Not even people who get upset when women wear one pieces to the beach could get me down. Because out of all the things to be upset about in the world, seeing people wear the appropriate attire to certain places isn’t one of them for me.

Image source: Pixabay