I’m a Sucker For... the Jonas Brothers

A decade ago, if you turned on Disney Channel, it would be no surprise that you would be greeted by Nick, Joe, and Kevin Jonas. The Jonas Brothers, a band formed in 2005, were comprised of three brothers originally from New Jersey. They were the teen heartthrobs of the era. They had four very successful albums, sold-out world tours, their own television show on the Disney Channel, and a dedicated following of screaming fangirls (and yes, I was one of them). The Jonas Brothers were the band of their time, and they were the epitome of Disney princes — talented, attractive, clean-cut, and pure. 

The Jonas Brothers shook the world to its core in 2013 when they announced that they would be breaking up.

“But they’re brothers, how could they possibly break up?” 

It was later revealed that the group dynamic had become unhealthy, and the brothers’ relationships became strained. The band was not working out anymore, and that was the end of the Jonas Brothers as we knew them ─ or so we thought.

In February of this year, the Jonas Brothers blacked out all their social media accounts ─ they changed their profile pictures and cover photos to an all-black screen. Fans speculated that this could be a teaser at a comeback announcement, and they were right!  

A day later, the Jonas Brothers announced that they would be releasing their first single in six years, titled “Sucker.” The music video and song were released on March 1, 2019. Shortly after, they released another single, “Cool”, and followed up by announcing an album called Happiness Begins, which will be dropping this summer on June 7th. The boys have also announced a documentary and a sold-out world tour.

Image Source: Business Insider

The Jonas Brothers are back and they’re taking the world by storm! They’ve only been back for a few months, but they’ve already held some secret concerts, performed on live shows such as the Billboard Music Awards, appeared on several reality shows like The Late Late Show with James Corden, and hosted Saturday Night Live

The boys are back and better than ever, and it is evident that they have worked hard to repair their relationship and group dynamic. Not only are they doing better as a band, but their bond as brothers has strengthened significantly as well. It’s so amazing for me to see them reunited and bringing magic back to the music industry after all these years, and the best part is they are so much happier and more mature. 

I’m so excited to see this new era of the Jonas Brothers, and I’m glad that my idols are once again back in the game. Most importantly, I can’t wait to see them this fall at the Happiness Begins Tour. Once a Jonatic, always a Jonatic. 

Image Sourc​e: Rolling Stone