I Finally Succumbed and Bought Birkenstocks

I first encountered Birkenstocks at my orientation over the summer. At first I thought a few people were just very out of touch or didn't care about their appearances. After a while, I realized that it was quite the opposite: it was a fashion statement.

In preparation for Davis, I bought a disgusting fake pair of Birkenstocks, thinking that no one would notice the difference. However, for a place that holds the reputation as being "laid back" and "low-key," Davis students boast brand ownership. You can catch more than half of the student population repping Patagonia or North Face, swinging a Hydroflask from their finger, and flopping around in on-brand Birkenstocks.

I realized that in order to truly assimilate, I would have to succumb and buy the ugliest pair of shoes imaginable. My friends from home have bathed me in shame over my hideous footwear, but the purchase was worth it for the comfort of the shoe and the peace of mind that I can become a true Davis student. However, I have made myself a new promise: NO TEVAS.

I have to draw the line somewhere, right?