I Am a Rebel Now

I have always been a rule follower. I never went to parties, always liked to be a home, and was always afraid to get out of my comfort zone. My dad is a goody-goody who didn’t have a sip of alcohol until he was 35. Adorable, right? My mom is a badass—she needs no more description; she’s just dope. There is always a bit of disagreement when it comes to making rebellious decisions.

When I was nine, I was DYING to get my ears pierced. Everyone wore sparkly little studs and flowers—the only options at Claire’s. My dad strongly opposed. My mom thought it was totally fine. It took my great aunt passing away for him to give in and allow it.

A few years later, I wanted my doubles pierced. I was nervous but wanted to do it anyway. So, what did we do? My mama and I went to Claire’s and did it without dad’s permission.

Going away to college really changed the game for me. I have always done exactly what my parents have told me to (for the most part). I continue to take every bit of advice that my parents give me and respect them more than anyone (aside from Obama, of course). College made me realize that I can make decisions on my own. I can dress the way I want to dress. I don’t have to be “popular” or look like everyone else. I slowly started to realize that I am not the sorority girl that I thought I wanted to be, but more of an introvert. I really started to learn about myself.

My freshman year of college was a bit confusing. I felt like I needed to find a place where I fit in after struggling through high school. I joined a sorority, as I mentioned before, hoping to find a love for partying and late nights. I quickly learned that was not for me! Once I started realizing that I didn’t have to be like anyone else, it was easier for me to do things that were daring and adrenaline provoking. So, what did I do? Get my belly button pierced. (I called my mom before, of course, to make sure she wouldn’t disown me.)

The next year, I studied abroad in Barcelona. My time abroad was rough; I struggled to figure out myself, my goals, and my ambitions. But I started to realize that the ambiguity was allowed. So, what did I do? I got two more piercings in my ear. I didn’t ask for permission and I went completely alone.

It may seem dumb, but I really started to feel like I could make decisions about my own life. I realized that my choices are MY choices.

The following summer I got my nose pierced and I love it. My parents weren’t jumping up and down, but they didn’t stop me. Years before, I never would have done that knowing there was some disapproval. I guess I started to care less and less about specific things that I like.

Now, I need some advice. I have always been against tattoos. My parents have always disliked them. Throughout the past year, I started thinking about getting a tattoo. I know, I am a hypocrite. But, we’re allowed to change our minds, right? I asked my mom if she would disown me if I got one, and she said no. She said it’s my life and my body.

It’s really crazy to think that I can start making choices on my own. I don’t need my parent’s permission anymore. My mom is right, it is my life. Kinda freaky.

I’m gonna get the tat. I have to do it. I’m a rebel now.

Cover image source: Pexels, Bruce Mars