I Am a Feminist, but Be a Gentleman and Open the Door for Me

In my lifetime, I am almost 100 percent positive that I have opened more doors for men, than men have ever opened doors for me. As a strong and independent woman, I do not need a man to open a door for me, but I find it to be one of the kindest gestures that can identify who is a true gentleman.

Sure, you could argue that most men can't win in this situation. In today's culture, many men are weary of how to interact with women, fearful that they may do or say the wrong thing. However, although I believe this to be a healthy fear for men to possess, we, as women, often have many more serious fears of our own. Let’s be honest- the simple act of going to the grocery store can be nerve-wrecking just because you made eye contact with the creepy middle-aged man in the produce department. 

woman wearing red high heels with white socks that say girls ruleThere is no reason why I can't consider myself to be a feminist and advocate for women and still want to be treated like a lady by a respectful man. Opening doors for women is a tradition that goes back quite some time, along with pulling out the chair for a woman at a restaurant before sitting down. Yes, times have changed, and there certainly is no reason why a man should have to do this for a woman, but there is still something charming about it to me. Personally, I see it as a sign of a man who has been raised well and knows the value that women hold in this world. 

There are so many things that women are capable of that men often overlook. Yes, we can change the oil in our car, yes we can mow the lawn, and yes we can walk alone at night… well, with pepper spray on hand, that is. However, some traditional chivalrous acts, like opening doors, should not die. 

So men, next time you see me or any women for that matter, consider opening the door for them. Some, like myself, may appreciate it more than it is realized.