How to Spruce Up Your Room this Winter

Winter quarter has now arrived and it is the optimal time to do some redecorating to your bedroom! Here in Davis, it seems like the rain will never stop and the sun is gone for good (why, Davis weather, do you hate us all?). This is why now is the perfect time to adjust your room décor to add some color, new vibes, or happiness to your little home away from home. Here are a few ways to spruce up your room this Winter:


Pillows are one of the most underrated décor accessories in my opinion. I cannot tell you how much I love cute pillows! Choosing the right pillow can be a process, so make sure you like how they feel as well as how they look. Fuzzy pillows bring warmth to a room, while textured and colored pillows bring vibrancy.

Image source: Designecologist

Small Canvases

We aren’t exactly at the age to be purchasing large pieces of art, so maybe lean toward some smaller canvases that you can purchase at Target or T.J.Maxx. Smaller canvases will be easier to move around when you change apartments or when you eventually move away. You can also buy blank canvases and paint them yourself to give your room a personal touch. Do this with your friends or apartment-mates and you can make a night out of it!

Image source: Raw Pixel


Having plants in your room will give a brand-new sense of life to it. Indoor plants are amazing organisms that can benefit you in many ways. Orchids and Spider Plants are great indoor plants, as long as you are dedicated to taking care of them correctly. Including plants in your bedroom décor this Winter will bring you happiness when it is too cold and rainy to leave your home, thus bringing the outside to the inside.

Image source: Daria Shevtsova


Three summers ago, I began my fascination with macramé and I have been obsessed with it since. I find this type of string weaving to be a fun activity that results in cool wall décor. If you’re looking for a new easy hobby I highly recommend this. However, you can also purchase macramé hangings from many stores. These wall weavings will fill your bedroom with fresh bohemian vibes this winter.

Image source: Daria Shevtsova​


Hanging little lights around your room is the best way to add some beauty. I love fairy lights because, unlike most decorations, they make your bedroom beautiful even at night. This Winter is the perfect time to invest in some lights and hang them up to transform your dull room to be the best place to cozy up in and read or watch TV.

Image source: Min An

It is easy to redecorate your bedroom on a budget when you put your mind to it, which is something we all have to do as college students. Our bedrooms are our little spaces to ourselves, so make it reflect yourself the Winter and make it a place you will always be happy in.