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How to Live a 100% Vegan, Cruelty-Free Life

As I have mentioned before, I am a vegan. There are two distinct levels of veganism: people who don’t eat animal products and people who will not consume animal products or animal tested products. I strive to not consume animal products or products tested on animals but it is a struggle.

It’s obvious you should not buy leather because it is made out of cow skin, but there are some weird things in the world tested on animals. For example, did you know that some pads and tampons are tested on animals? Makeup, cleaning products, hair dye, pet food, the list goes on. Even though it’s difficult to keep up with all of the companies and products that do or don’t test on animals, it’s totally worth it to know that you did not contribute to animal suffering.

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I recently learned some gruesome details about animal testing. From crazy dose amounts to forcing animals’ eyes open for days, the practices of animal testing are horrific. (If you would like to know more, visit PETA’s website.)

The worst part is that the torture isn’t even worth it! Animal testing is very expensive and it correctly predicts human reaction to products less than 10% of the time! The only reason to continue testing on animals is for profits. I love the way Mayim Bialik explains it in her Humane Society video.

There are many alternatives to animal testing. First off, good old-fashioned human volunteers can be used to test products as people used to do. Modern inventions, though, can take people out of testing too — with inventions from skin cell donations that are cultured into skin patches to test on to bio-mimicry organs that predict human reactions to make-up.

Wondering what you can do to limit or eliminate products in your life that are tested on animals? Websites like PETA have current lists of what companies do not test on animals. You can also use apps like Cruelty-Free Kitty when you are on the go. Luckily there are cruelty-free products everywhere so it is easy and inexpensive to buy cruelty-free. Some stores with cruelty-free products are Rite Aid, Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, and Target. My favorite cruelty-free makeup and skin care brands are Pacifica, ELF, and Alba Botanica.

Cover image source: Pexels

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