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How I Survive the Uncertainty that Follows Finals

The opinions expressed in this article are the writer’s own and do not reflect the views of Her Campus.
This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCD chapter.

Finals are stressful for all college students, whether you are a STEM or Humanities major. The weeks before finals can be even worse, as the assignments and terrifying exams loom over your shoulders. Once we finish our exams, we sit in wait– questioning whether we failed our finals or passed with extraordinary marks. Despite our confidence in ourselves and how well we did, there is always that fear that what we thought went well was so far off that we completely bombed our exams. While these emotions may only be relatable to me, I am going to share four ways I take my mind off of finals and enjoy my spring break:

1) The first thing I do after completing my finals is go shopping with friends. Shopping is an excellent way to relieve stress because it distracts me from school and also acts as an incentive to get through finals week. Although shopping may not always be ideal for college students on a budget because it can be unnecessary spending, window shopping with friends is a stress-free way to spend time with friends and make fun memories.

2) I also like to clean my space in order to create a stress-free environment. Cleaning my apartment allows me to take control of my space and almost erase the stress and anxiety that once consumed my room. While cleaning may not bring joy or relief to everyone, seeing a clean, uncluttered room will bring you peace of mind.

3) Another excellent source of tranquility is spending time with friends or pets. While not everyone may have a furry companion, I like to destress by going home to my puppy, concentrating on playing with him, and enjoying my time with him. Spending time with friends or family is another excellent way to forget about the uncertainty that consumes us post-finals. Time with others away from school reminds us that it is okay to have a life outside our education- our grades do not determine who we are as people.

4) Finally, I like to take my mind off of school and enjoy spring break by enjoying the outdoors. This Spring break I am planning on going hiking, having a picnic, going to coffee shops, and reading/watching books/shows that I have had to push to the back of my mind because of school. I may also go to garage sales and thrift stores to update my college apartment decorations. This is a great trip because it fosters tranquility in an environmentally friendly way without breaking the bank. 

Surviving finals and escaping the anxiety that consumes many of our lives because of exams and grades is not easy. Despite being a third-year undergrad, I still stress about my grades and fear that I failed my finals regardless of how unlikely it is to completely fail a test or class when we have genuinely put in the work to succeed. That said, it is essential to find peace and comprehend that it is okay not to do well on exams or classes as long as we have tried our best. Understanding that there is nothing we can do to change our grades after finals have passed is vital in moving past the anxiety/stress and enjoying our breaks before the next quarter begins.

Lorena is a third-year English and Psychology double major at UCD. She enjoys reading, writing, traveling, and going to concerts. After graduation, Lorena would like to become a journalist or educator.