How to Help the Black Lives Matter Movement

I could spend a whole couple of pages telling you about how I first became aware of my white privilege in America, but honestly that is not important right now. What is important is taking action. If you’re going post on social media, great. But just remember that posting means nothing unless you actually do something that helps the cause (this is a piece of advice for myself as well). So, without further ado, here are some options:


Here is a list of organizations you can donate to:

Official George Floyd Memorial Fund

I Run with Maud

Black Lives Matter

Black Visions Collective

Color of Change

The Okra Project

The Loveland Foundation

Communities United Against Police Brutality

American Civil Liberties Union

Donate to your local bail fund

Campaign Zero

George Floyd memorial mural Photo by @munshots from Unsplash


Can’t donate money? Sign some petitions:


Raise the Degree-


NAACP-We are done dying


Contact your local representative-template

Demand Racial Data on the Coronavirus and Coronavirus: Demand More from the Government

Protester holding sign that says Photo by Clay Banks from Unsplash Also, here is a really good website has a ton of information about donations, petitions, protests, where protests are, and other resources. 

Plus, an article for my fellow white people who want to be allies: 75 Things White People Can Do for Racial Justice

I know this article didn’t contain a lot of writing and feelings, but that was the point. We need to amplify the voices of the oppressed and do what we can to make sure they get heard. So please, educate yourself, talk to your family, reach out to your black friends, and DO SOMETHING

Be safe out there.