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As the last week of winter quarter was approaching, an insurmountable workload demanded Davis students' time and attention. In the last week of the quarter, professors across all classes decided to assign papers and take home essays. Essentially, the tenth week of the quarter is Hell. As I struggled to finish the tenth week, with panic attacks, my motivation to do the pile of work waned drastically. 

Students lose their motivation especially if difficult tasks consistently demands time, attention, and energy in a respective timed manner. However, these tasks need to be completed. Therefore, getting back motivation is essential in order to finish the tasks we have to do. 

First, set a goal. Because the stack of work emits an aura of intimidation, it creates fear and an intense overwhelming feeling. Setting a goal, it does not matter how small the goal may be as long as you complete the goal, gives the sense of productivity and relief of finishing a task which then inspires students to continue and finish other tasks.  

Second, stick with it. Do not make excuses. Taking breaks is essential, but do not let it transform into procrastination. Do not give up! Because completing the tasks requires time, attention, and energy, it is a lot easier to simply not do it. But it is important to keep in mind that though the work may seem lighter by choosing to procrastinate, the consequences will be far harsher such as the quality from said work sinks. 

Most important of all, think about the benefits! What creates fear and the sense of overwhelming from the thought of the tasks themselves is that people often think about how difficult it is to complete the enormous pile of tasks assigned that the benefits are forgotten. Instead, thinking about the difficulties adds to stress and exhaustion. So, think optimistically after the tasks are done! 

Remember: Si Se Puede! 

I'm a second year student with a double major in English and International Relations at UCD. I love hot chocolate, the fall season, and is a little too obsessed with kpop. 
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