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How Determining Your Undertones Changes Things Up

Have you ever wondered why that blue dress never looked good on you? Or why when you finally got the new lipstick you wanted, it somehow just did not look right? Most women choose the wrong color that does not compliment their skin tone instead of finding what really makes them glow because they don’t know about undertones. Here’s how to solve that problem if you’re one of the many!

First off, we must determine what your skin tone is. Determining your undertone can simply be found by checking the color of your veins. Make sure you hold your wrist to a bright light to get the best results. Green veins mean a warm skin tone. Blue and purple veins represent cool skin toned gals. Lets be honest, if you can’t tell then you most likely have a neutral skin tone.

Now let’s get down to the root of things: it’s hard enough to find things to wear and achieve a bomb outfit within seconds. Let’s educate ourselves a little by using the knowledge of our undertones to keep slaying. 

To my warm toned ladies, try to wear neutrals like coral, yellow, brown, a warm red or even an off-white. It will make your skin glow and leave you feeling fierce! 

Cool tones are a different story. You gals have a very different color palette to follow. Try to stick with blue, purple, navy, magenta or any blue-green outfits you can find. You will work it better! 

As for neutrals, you can pick from either of these palettes. No worries for y’all. You guys are definitely winning at life.  

Next time you go splurge online or for beauty products, do your research! Hopefully, this article aided your daily struggles with fashion.

Marissa is a senior at UC Davis studying Design and Fashion marketing. She has a love for cosmetics, fashion and DIY's. On her free time she like to be adventurous by exploring new places and meeting new people. One day, she dreams of owning her own business and becoming a well known fashion designer.
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