How to Conquer Dry Skin in the Winter like a Pro

Winters aren’t so friendly here in Davis, especially for us who have dry skin year-round. During my freshman year, I learned the hard way that my skin needed extra love throughout winter quarter. But out of hardships comes great lessons, right? Here’s what I learned:

1. It seems like basic information, but yes you need to have a separate skincare routine for the colder months.

Before coming to Davis, I was privileged enough to experience Los Angeles’ lack of seasonal change. My definition of “cold” was anything less than seventy degrees. Thus, my year-round, basic skincare routine of a light cleanser and equally light moisturizer did not suffice when my unarmed skin was suddenly exposed to constant forty to fifty-degree days. Nowadays, my winter skincare routine is a lot more than two items, but they are also more potent and filled with intense hydration, which I hope will never result in patchy, flakey skin ever again!

2. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

It’s super important to drink lots of water every day, but it’s also as important to make sure the products you’re using contain lots of moisture and hydrating properties. The popular addition of hyaluronic acid as an ingredient in skincare does exactly the job. Hyaluronic acid is a humectant, meaning it holds in the moisture on your face without feeling oily. I specifically use Glossier’s Super Bounce serum, but there are also many cheaper alternatives you can find elsewhere. For example, many beauty gurus’ favorite product for hydration is The Ordinary’s Hyaluronic + B5 acid serum which costs no more than $7!

3. Use a thicc moisturizer.

Pretty self-explanatory, just make sure it doesn’t leave an oily residue (unless you don’t mind that, but feeling oily is definitely one of my personal pet-peeves!). Once again, Glossier has been my go-to brand for skincare lately so I use their Priming Moisturizer Rich ​which is heavy enough to moisturize my face to the max, but never leaves my skin feeling greasy at all. Moisturizers can be pretty expensive for those on a budget, but an amazing investment if you happen to find one where a little goes a long way and can possibly last the entire season!

4. Make sure your toner doesn’t dry out your skin.

Most toners contain alcohol, which provides short-term benefits like quickly removing grease and shine, appealing especially to those with oily skin. However, it isn’t really beneficial for either oily or dry skin as it can dry out the skin so much it puts a strain on the rejuvenation and replenishing of oils. I highly recommend Mario Badescu’s Seaweed Cleansing Lotion since it contains no alcohol. This product is catered towards sensitive, combination/dry skin, which makes it a perfect all-around toner for those of us who can’t handle anything too harsh on our faces.

5. Stay consistent.

Most routines usually take me about a couple weeks to see even the slightest effects. I’m not saying to keep applying a product that clearly gets your skin riled up or inflamed, but patience is key for some products too. I know it gets really scary to try new products especially if your skin is sensitive, but when you finally find the right products for you there won’t be any regrets left. Don’t give up on something too quickly if you don’t see the results you wanted the next day.

I hope these tips and product recommendations find themselves useful to you and your dry skin! Although everyone’s skin is unique, you’re never alone in trying to figure it out. Stay warm this winter, Aggies!