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Here’s Who UC Davis Picked to Win the Bachelor

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCD chapter.

Earlier this month, we tabled at the Memorial Union for our Valentine’s Day bake sale. In addition to selling our sweet treats, we asked students, “Who will get the final rose?” from Nick Viall on The Bachelor Season 21. Here are the results:

3rd place: Raven Nicole Gates

(Source: ABC)

This Southern belle has charmed her way into Nick’s and America’s hearts. Her hometown date was adorable, and she always seems to have such a positive attitude no matter what. Their chemistry is electric – let’s see what happens with these two!

Runner-Up: Corinne Olympios

(Source: ABC)

That’s right – UC Davis students, and all of America, can agree that she has been the most entertaining contestant in a long while. We haven’t seen the last of this blonde just yet! She got a large percentage of our vote and as one Davis student said, “they are a match made in heaven.”

And finally, UC Davis students believe the winner of Bachelor Season 21 will be…

Vanessa Grimaldi

(Source: ABC)

She has been a front-runner since day one, but Nick and Vanessa have had their bumps along the way. Some students said the two don’t have enough chemistry, but many others feel their age and maturity levels line up perfectly.

Did UC Davis get it right? Only a little while longer until we find out who will get the final rose!

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Thumbnail image courtesy of ABC.

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