Hello Spring Quarter!

Spring Quarter just started, and I am beyond excited! A new quarter means new prospects, new classes, and a happier quarter. Despite the constant stress we have placed on us from the quarter system, Spring Quarter really is the BEST. 

It is finally warming up! I know it is still a little rainy, but I can feel it getting warmer, I swear. Soon, people will come out of hibernation and the campus will be buzzing! You can literally always find a friend sitting on the quad grass at any point of the day because everyone now believes they are Vitamin D deficient from the endless clouds of rain. 

The warmer it gets and the less it rains means seasonal depression will be coming to an end. As Davis students, we all know seasonal depression is real. I love my school, but for me, coming from sunny Southern California, the seemingly endless rain really puts a damper on my mood. I’m sure you can relate. Well, here's to no more sad days! Spring has sprung and that means more events on campus. Picnic Day is this weekend and I’m sure it will be one to remember. Enjoy the countless activities the campus offers on Picnic Day, they are all super fun. You only get four Picnic Days as an undergraduate, so make sure you make the most out of each one. 

Whole Earth Festival will also be approaching us faster than we know it. This is another day to enjoy the sunshine and check out all of the different vendors that come to campus. This is my favorite event of Spring Quarter because it reminds me so much of home. Although there is a lot going on this quarter, don’t forget to study hard and get those good grades. Just make sure you split up your studying by enjoying everything these last couple months of the school year offer!