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Halloween Costumes for Every Hair Color

Yoohoo collegiettes! Halloween is tomorrow, and Halloweekend is upon us. In a panic over still not having a costume? Fear no more! What better and simpler way to get festive than to dye your hair a different color? There are many sprays, chalks, and other temporary means of changing your hair color. And if you like it to last a bit longer? Demi-permanent dyes have an endless range of hues that you can choose from. Read on to discover a costume for every color of the rainbow.  


Many iconic characters have red hair: Jessica Rabbit, Ariel, Poison Ivy, even Kim Possible. 


Rock the Mother of Dragons look with Daenerys Targaryen's platinum locks, embody Elsa’s snowy tresses from Frozen, channel Regina George's sunny yellow hair from Mean Girls, or embody Marilyn Monroe's blonde coiffed waves.  


Who says you need to be restrained by gender? Play the Joker for a night and go crazy with that lipstick! Or be Medusa, place some pipe cleaners in that green hair for snakes, and scare your housemates into stone!  


Try on a wedding gown to become Corpse Bride, match Katy Perry’s deep sapphire hairdo, or get some luscious sea blue locks to inspire the mermaid in you!  


Effie Trinket has so many hair colors it's hard to keep track, but it's impossible to forget her signature light purple powder curls! Or opt to be a purple unicorn or a dark mystical fairy! 

Let your inner hair dye enthusiast free! Happy Halloween! 

Enya Meng is a junior at UC Davis studying Clinical Nutrition with a minor in English. She aspires to become a registered dietitian working with patients with eating disorders. Her favorite things to do include reading, writing short stories, and experimenting with new recipes.
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