Gorgeous Undies: #1 Wardrobe Foundation

It's the time of the year when you're probably dreaming of gorgeous coats, scarves, and boots... and ways to update your fall/winter wardrobe in ways that won't break the bank. Here's an idea for your first step: why not update your undie drawer? If you're like most college women, you're probably wearing a bra right now that has seen better days, whether it's starting to discolor, doesn't fit anymore because of a weight gain or loss, or the good Lord forbid, stabs you in the ribs because the wire is starting to poke through. Ditch those old things, because a bra that fits makes you feel amazing, and makes the clothes you already own look even better. Follow the steps below to find undies that make you excited to start the day.

Get Measured

Not only does a well-fitting bra make you feel comfortable and natural, a bra that lifts your breasts properly can help with your posture and make you look thinner through the waist. Most lingerie stores have associates who are only too happy to help you find your size, so why not take advantage of the service? A word of caution, you are the person who should have the last word about the size you wear. I wore a 32B for a year when I should have been wearing a 32A because I didn't take the time to experiment with different sizes.  Also, try on different styles; I love demi bras but you might prefer a bra with more or less coverage. Go to the store and try on 25 bras if you have to!

One Practical, One Fun

Once you know your size, if you can afford it, buy one or two practical bras and at least one “fun” bra. If you have a nude bra (nude hides better under clothes than white, and doesn't discolor in the laundry like white does), you can grab white tank tops, wildly patterned shirts, and looser dresses without worrying about clashing colors or sending the wrong message. I bought one bra in nude, one in black, and an absolutely gorgeous periwinkle one that makes me feel like a princess (complete with iridescent lace and a hot pink bow). On days when you need a little extra something, wear your fancy bra and matching panties. I like to wear my sexy underwear sets on midterm days or days when I'm feeling a little “blah.” Or wear them just because, who cares if no one is around to see it! My husband didn't see my undies until I married him, but I still had tons of fun with girly panties as a single lady. Whether your style is lacy and sweet or simple and classy, nice underwear is something you buy for yourself and no one else.

How to Afford All of This Sexiness

Combine a little common sense with coupons, and it's not as hard as you might think. First of all, remember that your underwear collection is something that you wear every, single, day. Not once a month, like the one pair of shoes you flippantly bought the other day, but every day. Maybe you can skip the $4 cups of whatever-coffee (water is better for you, and free!), and pass on going out to eat so much with the girlfriends for a month or two. And you can always ask for a lingerie store gift card at Christmas time. Subscribe online with Victoria's Secret and they'll send you coupons for free pairs of underwear in the mail, I  rarely spend money on panties these days. Always use coupons or wait for the bras you like to go on sale, because they go on sale very often. The other day I found a buy-one, get-one-half-off sale on dream angel bras and was able to afford matching panties. Pure luxury.

Make Your Undies Special

You may not have realized the importance of making your undies special. Opening your lingerie drawer can be a refreshing, delightful experience every morning if you take loving care of your undies and organize them in a way that is pleasing to the senses. Always wash your bras and panties on the delicate cycle or in the sink with laundry soap, and lay them flat to dry. The dryer destroys clothing, especially pretty, delicate things. While your new undies are drying out, line the bottom of your lingerie drawer with pretty wallpaper or wrapping paper, I personally would choose a delicate floral pattern or something vintage-looking. When your undies have dried, organize your bras together on one side, your panties on the other, and put a lavender sachet in the middle so it smells delicious every time you open the drawer. Even if your whole room is a mess, having an organized lingerie drawer can add a refreshing touch of femininity to your busy life.